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Plastic surgery in Tunisia

You have decided to turn to cosmetic surgery

Helios Beauty, your best partner for the success of your trip well in Tunisia. We’re here to help you realize your dreams so that you are finally “good about yourself.” First, the phenomenon of cosmetic surgery is not new as in Tunisia and around the world, Tunisians and Tunisia, which are becoming more careful with their look, engaged for years in this practice. If they have trusted their plastic surgeons, it is simply because they are competent and that the majority of them was trained in France, in the best establishments like French surgeons. In addition, the Tunisian clinics, more modern, much more like the hotels of 3 and 4 stars where the rules of safety, cleanliness, the fight against infection are observed. This is not only due to the strict control of the inspectors of the Ministry of Public Health, but also a self-monitoring clinics who care about the image of their clinic before the strong local competition.

In the beginning of this millennium, Tunisia developed the “Tourism Aesthetics” (which does not mean mass tourism). If we refer to the success of the previous two areas, one can only be optimistic. Already, several French, Belgian, Italian, German, English and Swiss took advantage of this aesthetic tourism.